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Having to multi-task every aspect of your life; utilizing your time and money in an effective manner, can be overwhelming on a daily basis. We understand and appreciate your time and money. Our efficiency can meet your budget and timeframe goals and help you achieve that balance in your business and your life. We can help you reclaim your time and re-balance your business.
Financial management of monetary resources: organize income and expenses
Planning / Booking Trips / Executive / Virtual Assistant
Holiday / Event Planning: Parties / Gatherings
Mailing Lists Maintenance / Addressing Envelopes
Assembling Furniture
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Planning, organizing, coordinating and overseeing:
Locate and Manage Builders
Liaison between owner, builder, and designer(s) using management skills to meet quality, budget and timeframe
Meeting Site Notes: Prepare / Review / Track
Project Task Lists: Prepare / Review / Track
Contractor Pay Requests: Review and process for
client payment
Fixture Schedules: Interiors / Bath / Hardware / Lighting / Appliances Bid Specification Project Manuals
Addendums Change Orders Contractor / Client Contracts
Contractor Correspondence and Coordination
Filing / Organizing: Paperwork / Binders / Drawings / Manuals
Regulatory Agency Permitting Application Processes
Provide guidance and recommendations to your legal/financial counsel.  Confirm Project Conformance with established standards and procedures: State, Local Municipalities, Town Boards, Adirondack Park Agency, Dept of Environmental Conservation  
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Make one phone call and pay one bill for all of your property maintenance and management needs.
Plumbing Electrical Landscaping Yard Work
Snow Removal
Household Upkeep Food Supplies House Sitting
Appliance / Fixtures Maintenance
Recreational Vehicles: Purchasing / Maintenance / Storage / Coordinate
Office Organization Accounts Payables / Receivables:
Process / Organize / Approve / Streamline
General Office Administration and Training
Recording: transcribe meeting notes or information to create and preserve a factual record
Online Research: Statistics / Market Trends / Product Consumer Reports
Marketing Events: planning, organizing, coordinating and overseeing Advertising: plan, design, coordinate
Staffing: Recruiting / Interviewing / Acquiring / Training
Social Media / Eblasts: Coordinate / Maintain / Streamline
Research Employee Benefits Notary
Special Project Expertise
FREE Consultation & Proposal
Toll Free 855-486-7435 (855-4VMSHELP)
Re-Claim Your Time
Re-Balance Your Business
Project Property Professional Personal
Project Property Professional Personal
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